We are super excited to announce that…
(drum roll please)… the H-IIB rocket No.7 was successfully launched from
Tanegashima Space Center! It carries the H-II Transfer Vehicle
“KOUNOTORI7”(HTV7) and also our first satellite, RSP-00!
Finally we reached space! WE DID IT!
The next step is release from International Space Station (ISS), then RSP-00 will go into full-fledged operation.
One day, four years ago, some ordinary workers who dream about space were drinking at the pub after work. One of
them said,
“Why don’t we try space development on our own?”


Now the dream came true.



Picture from Tanegashima Space Center where RSP-00 launched.


Picture from public viewing by RSP members.


“Human-centered space development”
starts here to liven up Japan, the world, and all the space development activities.
We keep going with try-something-fun spirit and continue our space development even MORE!


Thank you for all your support, and please look forward to our next report!



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