Background of the Founding

Today, space exploration by the private sector is increasing worldwide. Academic institutions and private organizations are developing rockets and satellites. It is necessary for public and private institutions to cooperate and combine their resources from various fields in order to advance space exploration in the future. Japan is also moving in this direction. However, for many Japanese, space exploration is “something that is only possible for a handful of people or a large company”. Many believe that space exploration is out of their reach. Meanwhile, when we look outside of Japan, we find satellite kits that can easily be made. The idea that “space exploration needs special knowledge and skills” is starting to disappear. We can see that the key to taking down the fences of space exploration is to make space “accessible”, “easy” and “attractive”. We founded “Ryman Sat Project, RSP” in order to realize this idea. We are currently active as a member of the Manned Rocket Project.


Enabling space exploration to become easier for anyone

RSP is mainly made up of businessmen who normally do not work in the field of space exploration. Professionals from various fields have come together to form this team. Many colleges with a strong interest in using their knowledge for society are contributing to this project as well. Although we still do not have enough knowledge for space exploration, by using knowledge from various fields, we will be able to approach space in a way no one has before. From the start RSP’s theme has been to “create satellites with ordinary people”. There are many people who agree with this idea. We will keep this in mind and continue to try to broaden the field of space exploration from new angles.


Conducting an “attractive” space exploration

RSP’s current goal is to create and launch a cubesat. However, furthermore, we are aiming to create a more generalized and easier method of developing a cubesat. We currently cannot release specific details but we are conducting space exploration that only RSP can realize. Please stay tuned for our future development.

Anyone interested in our activities can attend the MTG held once a month.