Multi-functional small sized satellite

We are developing multi-functional small sized satellite with people who do not always have professional skills, aspiring a future that anyone can be involved in space exploration and grows rich and speedy.

The first satellite features on the selfie function and planning to make it able to function in many missions. Our other theme is to provide a creative design to it in order to create a new value to space exploration.



Selfie Stick Arm

By sending commands from earth to the satellite, we extend the arm with a camera attached to it. Then, the satellite takes a selfie of its own with the earth behind it.


Attitude Control

By magnetic control, we maintain the stability and attitude of the satellite. Since our mission requires the control spinning occurring from the emission of the satellite or to maintain a certain attitude, this is one of the most important sections that we must overcome in our project.


FM Digitalker

By using FM radio wave, we will transmit audio data (PWM) to earth. Anyone is able to listen to the sounds sent from space by receiving amateur radio waves on earth.

Co-working Development

Volunteers gather and work on the project with no limitations of where they do the work.

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Club Activities for All

We do not care whether you are experienced, have the knowledge or even if you are right or not. We only have three rules:

1. Do not cause trouble to others
2. Respect others
3. Make financial decisions with everybody


Our project is made up with three teams. The Technical Team develops the actual satellite, the Publication Team publicizes space and our activities, and the Management Team conducts the whole project.


We do not have any specific working places. We develop the satellite wherever we can, whenever we want. However, we use Co-working spaces located in Tokyo city for meetings.


The state of progress is as it is shown down below. After we develop a model that will be used for the tests to check if the satellite would function in space environment (EM, Engineering Model), we develop the model that will actually be sent to space (FM, Flight Model) based on the testing data.

We are currently working on the EM and developing the basic design (Command Line, Communication, Power, attitude Control, Thermal Management) for the satellite.

We are making an effort to create an environment for people who are interested in being involved in the project but joining in midway. If you are interested in this project and want to know more about our activities and technologies, please attend the MTG held once a month.